5-Minute Warning I

Sundates with my girlfriend are the best. Our recent date involved watching Minions (which we find adorable), bought some necessities, had nachos and milkshake (you really should try Army Navy’s milkshakes) and bought these Penguin Mini Classics Books. 70 PHP per book? Not bad. Now is the time to not just keep on writing but also get back into reading, and we believe that these mini books will help on that.

Minions… Minions… they’re really adorable. I can spoil you one thing: Minions are yellow. But really, I don’t get the bad reviews about the movie. I was really expecting it to be a cute origin story about those tiny little creatures, not some Toy Story 3 tearjerker. And it is cute! Some people should just lighten up sometimes.

Goddamnit. Why am I writing these things under five minutes? Oh, right. I’d like to keep on writing. This is like my second update on this blog. But no. Write your feelings down. Come on. Shaun T is shouting that to your head now. “You can do it.” I can do this.

I’m actually worried about me contradicting myself. I just said that some people should lighten up. My apologies in advance.

The one thing I don’t like about self-imposing these 5-minute writing exercises is that I can’t write 1,000 words about how much I love my girlfriend in such time limit. In fact, I don’t even know if I can ever accomplish that. But… but… but if I can, I don’t think I want to just write them all down. I want to live that love. I want this feeling to last long, to keep the fire burning. I know I’ve said “I love you” many times to her, but I know I can do more. I I love her very much. I really do.

Wow. Monday is nearing again. Another work week. Monday can be a bitch sometimes, but Sundates fuel me up for that. I am now ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I read that in Spongebob’s voice.

Random thought: The guy who will play The Punisher on Daredevil (Season 2), Jon Bernthal, looks like Edu Manzano.

Am I really closing with that?


I: Start

This is an entry written around 6am, under 10 minutes.

I woke up this morning and my WordPress is already open. Now I’m starting to type away. I’m doing this on purpose. I want to blog regularly again. I need to write regularly again. And after a long time thinking about it, it’s time to turn that thought into action.

I am terrible when it comes to blogging regularly. The longest regular blogging that I have done is 3 years ago, and that was—wait for it—3 years ago. (Or maybe 2?) I come up with good ideas and outline them, but when I get to the writing phase, I would often leave the typing blink as is. I can blame writer’s block or just plain old laziness. And whenever I fall down and short on my writing schedule, I would bring down all the old posts and start all over again. Did I already mention laziness? The cycle never ends…

…until now.

As you can tell, I ramble a lot and I am not good with making good habits. That is correct. And, of course, I will still ramble. How can blog regularly if I don’t even ramble just a little bit? But not making at least one good habit? No, not this time. I love playing with words, but now is the time to be also a man of my own word. It’s time for some new habits.

This is not another attempt to blog regularly. This is the real start of the dispatching.

Mark my word.