V: The Crossing Between

I have been working in a humble digital production house for 1 year, 9 months and 15 days and counting. I wish I was still blogging regularly back then – all the emotional baggage I could have dispatched would have fulfilled my “blogging regularly” project.

But I can summarize them all here: The first year was filled with lots of social media materials and some web projects on the sides, sharpening my design skills slowly but surely with the help of Jessica and my fellow creatives.

The second year, more website projects piled up and the social media posts disappear slowly from my daily tasks. I started feeling more confident about working efficiently, and it went to the point that Jessica would guide me less and less. And less became never. Of course I would still ask for her help, but on a mininum.

OCTOBER 14, 2015

While I was listing down my battle plan for my PDF-creating task, Jessica told me, “Mr. Rye wants to talk to you in the conference room.”

I went to the conference room. And there he was, in casual wear, holding some clipped papers. Like the rest of the creatives, he’s almost always in casual wear. And he seems to have two modes: the serious mode with his piercing attack eyes and his happy mode with, of course, a smile.

He was not in his serious mode. Magpatuloy sa pagbabasa V: The Crossing Between


III: 1 Year, 9 Months

After a year and 9 months of being employed, I (finally?) gave in to writing my thoughts at work. I don’t normally do this for I am terrified about other employees finding out about my double life I blog under a nom de plume for a reason (which I will explain later). But three sentences on this post, and I’ve never felt this… free, relieved, fearless.

Wait. Fearless? I’m writing on Evernote with the font size turned to 10pt. My paranoia is still on, you guys.

Still, I really think I should do this as often as how I update both my offline journal and planner. I do enjoy re-learning how to code websites lately and the simple sound of typing on the keyboarding. But that tapping note sounds different while I type away my stories—it sounds more soothing and sweet, more soulful, more human. And if I need an extra boost, music and the sound of rain are also wonderful companions.

So, why do I write under the name “The Deranged Writer’? Simple: creative freedom. A more comprehensive reason is this: at times I will use actual people, places, things and events from real life and give them a twist. The real becomes fiction. Those twists give me more ideas for storytelling. More real-life stories, more fiction-driven, more me. And also, giving codenames to people and things sound fun. It’s like playing god in my own universe!

As for my work, I like how I’m still learning a lot more about coding and web design while being pushed on solving design problems. One example I can give now is the asterisk being the universal CSS selector. I only learned about it a month ago!

Sometimes I say to myself, “am I really done with college?” “No, Dee-dubya. You are not done with learning.”

I also got really comfortable working with my peers after I marked my first year (more notably to my fellow creatives). They are decent to talk to at average. But I just don’t like this other boss who only mentions a brand name whenever he starts an app or website project. My goodness. Don’t get me started on that. Other than that imbecile, I am so comfy with them that they are now fully aware about my knack for corny jokes.

“Who’s the Batman villain that became the star of Batman v Superman?” “Bane Affleck.”

See? Now you are aware of that, too.

Question though: It’s been more than a year that Ben Affleck was cast as the new cinematic Dark Knight. Do you like the casting? No? After watching Argo, I’m pretty confident to say that Ben will nail the role. Argo is so good, that I almost forgot he starred in that awful Daredevil movie. I should watch more recent Affleck films though. I still haven’t seen Gone Girl.

Note: Written at work; published at home. Of course.