Note to Self XII

Sure. Everyone dies alone. But if you mean something to someone—if you help someone, or love someone, if even a single person remembers you—then maybe you never really die at all.

– A quote from Person of Interest: “Return 0” (Season 5, Ep. 13)

In the “Note to Self” series, I write down words my mind and heart should fully remember.


XI: Time Capsule I: Euphoria from the Watchtower

I remember the many times I feel a huge dark cloud above my head – the times that depression is creeping on my skin. And I remember the many times I fought those feeling by spending quality time with my family and friends or just do the things that I love doing. Lately though it has been difficult for me to get rid of my worries, so I have to keep on going. I have to keep getting busy.

And this is where I really crave for music from my favorite band the Foo Fighters, particularly the song “Next Year.” It has been my constant “Now Playing” for days not only because it is one of Foo Fighters’ most underrated songs (in my opinion at least) but also because of one significant moment when I stopped worrying and started… singing.

Magpatuloy sa pagbabasa XI: Time Capsule I: Euphoria from the Watchtower