The Deranged Writer

The Deranged Writer is a 25-year old Filipino guy who deals with interactive designs by day and fiction-infused realities by night. Or maybe the whole day. It really depends.

He is the second of 4 all-male siblings, has the average “Filipino tall” height, and frequently wears a white dress shirt with a black and white knitted tie, black chinos and black Chuck Taylors. (Leather jacket or Brooklyn Machine Works x Uniqlo varsity jacket optional, depending on the weather.) 

Of all the people in music he adores, he adores and worships Dave Grohl. In the world of professional wrestling, he reveres The Undertaker. When it comes to TV shows, he can talk about Person of Interest all day. And he likes Batman very much, too. (Because he is the goddamn Batman.)

He also likes making art, findings more books to fill up his long “To Read” list, taking photos of food before eating them and NOT post them on Instagram, taking photos of his action figures AND posting them on his Instagram, listening to new and old music, among other things he can’t make time for but is still willing to. And, of course, his real top interest is his lovely, amazing girlfriend whom he shares the same birthday week with, almost shares the same interests with, and is definitely interested and in love with.


Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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