Random 6: Motörhead Songs That Is Not “Ace of Spaces” or Any WWE Theme Songs

It was the year 2003 when I learned who made the song “The Game” for pro wres… WWE Superstar Triple H, Motörhead. Since then, slowly and surely I digested every Motörhead song I can listen to (radio stations that barely play them during weekends and through, um, legal means of downloading). And the more I listen to their mixes of punk rock and very fast metal, the more I became devoted to them. They became my favorite metal band ever, bar none.

Its constant member, vocalist and bassist Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister, is considered to be the real definition of rock and roll according to his peers and fans. And I agree. He claims to have fucked a lot of women in his run, he drinks Jack Daniels + Coca-Cola for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he called for the legalization of heroin in front of the Welsh Assembly. Who does that? Even if he is one of my favorite people in music, I will never dare to follow that kind of lifestyle. Only Lemmy can do that and gets away with it.

Unfortunately, Lemmy has left the world today at age 70, a few days after his birthday and a sudden diagnosis of cancer. What a bad a way to wake up to; I literally cried after learning the sad news. He seems like a person who will keep on living forever and keep on kicking ass. But nothing really lasts forever; only the memories and his music will forever be cherished and remembered.

Speaking of music and as my tribute to Lemmy, I give to you my random 6 (not top 6) favorites from my favorite metal band Motörhead. In this list, I have excluded “Ace of Spades” and the theme songs related to WWE’s Triple H, “The Game”, “Line in the Sand” and “King of Kings”.

I’ll Be Your Sister

“I’ll be your lover. I’ll be your sister maybe.” This almost-3-minute track from 1979 album Overkill and one of my fhas a weirdly sweet way to say you are always there for someone. But looking beyond the lyrics, it’s a great rock song to dance to in rock bars. And this song deserves to be a staple in such places.

And I add plus points to this song because Lemmy performed it with my favorite band Foo Fighters at one MTV Video Music Awards. Amazing.

You Better Run

If the real Satan were to enter Earth, he will do so to the tune of this slow, heavy burn track from the album March or Die. And he will drive a big black Cadillac, as the song says so.

Warning: the instrumentals will leave a lasting buzz to your ears.

Going to Brazil

1916 was release in the year of my birth 1990. This track from that album made me ask this: “Why didn’t I arrive in 1980 at least?!” This could have been my favorite track to go boogie with while my childhood friends go crazy over their pop and new wave idols.

I may have heard all of their material, but until now I mumbled most of the lyrics to this song. All I know is that I throughly enjoy listening to it while moving like a fucknut.

I Ain’t No Nice Guy

I love it when a band tries to do something that is out of their comfort zone, and Motörhead (with the help of Ozzy Osbourne and Slash) did just that with “I Ain’t No Nice Guy”.

Lemmy, probably in his most mellow and vulnerable, tells the story of a guy who is now unsure and lost after looking back at his past doings. The (first) time I listened to this song fits to that message, and like the man in the song, I retreated and reflected. I never thought Lemmy & co. would make me do that, but I love them for that.

Mean Machine

See the album cover of Orgasmatron? If the world were to have the ultimate rollercoaster ride of death, the hell-train with the face of Snaggletooth (the band’s mascot on every album cover) should be the look and “Mean Machine” should be its background music. The gritty, overwhelming fast instrumentals just fits to its chaotic storytelling, with Lemmy in his most frantic performance.

We Are Motörhead

If their first song ever, Motorhead, set up the bar on how their music will sound look, this track is another reminder of that and more. If you can listen to only one song from their catalogue, this will suffice. That or “Ace of Spades”.

So, there you have it—my random 6 favorite Motorhead tracks. I have other favorites from them, but I have listened to these 6 songs more. And I will do what the band asked on their Facebook page, “…play Motörhead loud, play Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy’s music LOUD.”

The world has lost another legend, and will miss that very legend very much. Rock the heavens for us, Mr. Kilmister. Good night forever.


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