VIII: Of Stormtroopers and Popcorn


Force Wednesday will be observed tonight for my girlfriend and I will see the highly-anticipated Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. This will be our first Star Wars movie date together and we both love the franchise so we’re really excited!

Meanwhile some of my officemates will see the same film on a different city. Our boss bought the tickets for them. Yes, he’s cool.


Tickets: CHECK. My Stormtrooper shirt: CHECK. Food: will buy later.

Speaking of Stormtroopers, they are my most beloved in the movie series. They are loyal to their masters, strategic in battle, and they look badass. Their white suits and iconic helmet contrast to my usual liking for black, but I love it more than any other sci-fi armor.

I think I will look good on my own Stormtrooper suit. It has been on my wishlist way before I learned the term “wishlist”.

But wait. Which suit? The one from the original trilogy or the First Order featured on Episode VII? I might go after the latter first, but I would love to have both.


A deadly warning: if you piss me off and you have not seen Episode VII,  I will spoil you about the movie.

Oh, wait. I think I will be the one who will be killed if I do that.

Seriously though… manners. Don’t spoil the movie, everyone. You don’t want to ruin the experience to everyone else, do you? Oh, you do? Well, you are one heartless bitch.


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The Deranged Writer deals with interactive designs by day and fiction-infused realities by night. Or maybe all day. And he loves talking in the third person.

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