VIII: A Letter to The Legendary Undertaker

Way before writing under my nom de plume, because I am a huge fan of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) I intended to start a blog solely dedicated to the billion dollar entertainment empire/professional wrestling league owned by Vince McMahon. I have plans on reviewing their shows (Raw and SmackDown!) every week, profiling their Superstars, and probably suggesting some storyline improvements. That definitely never happened.

Instead I became a personal blogger, a guy who would give his rants and raves on life in general, college professors who were interesting, girls in college whom I found (and looked) interesting, among other things. But the WWE bug never left me that I would always mention on my “About Me” that one of my idols is a tall, ghoulish character in WWE named The Undertaker.


I am not kidding. When you ask me who my favorite wrestler is, I already have an answer for that. I am a huge fan of “The Deadman”, “The Phenom”, “The Demon of Death Valley”, “The Lord of Darkness”,”The Grim Reaper of Justice”, the dangerous entity called The Undertaker. And since this month marks his 25th year in WWE, it would be fitting to write my “love letter” to my first idol and favorite wrestler of all time.

Magpatuloy sa pagbabasa VIII: A Letter to The Legendary Undertaker


VII: An Asthma Anecdote

If I were to rate all of my 6 grade school years, I would grade a 8.5/10 to my 5th grade and the rest would be 2/10. The other years were terrible, while my 5th year gave me my first real experience of brotherhood, which lead to some of the funnest childhood memories I have ever had. (More on those later.) 

But if 5th grade was my favorite year, why give just a 8.5? Because I also had my first asthma attack that year, and it never left since. There is no cure for asthma.[1]

Magpatuloy sa pagbabasa VII: An Asthma Anecdote