IV: A Blogging Q&A

Remember the last time I wrote here? The next day, after mixing my coffee from the pantry, I walked to my workstation, sat down and then my senior designer I work with, Jessica, asked me this question.

“Good morning. Do you have a blog?”

I froze. I did not expect her to ask that question on that morning.

She noticed that shock. She laughed.

“Oh, no. No! I will not ask about where you blog. Don’t worry.”

I sighed in relief, saying, “Yes. I have a blog.”

Then a blogging Q&A happened.

Jessica: “What platform do you use?”

Writer: “When I first started blogging, I used Blogspot. I met a lot of blogging friends along the way, and then some of them started using WordPress. I jumped ship and I never returned to Blogspot.”

I know what you’re thinking. I had a lengthy answer with unnecessary info. And then the next question.

J: “Do you have a Tumblr?”

W: “Yes! At one point I used that way more frequently than my WordPress blog. Tumblr has this way of sucking you in with all the posts you see there. I haven’t blogged there in a really long time though.”

And my blogging dilemma resurfaced again.

“Honestly, because of work and all of the ‘real life’ happenings, I don’t blog as frequently as I do. I still write on my (pause) offline journal though.”

She said, “That’s all right. I was also blogging from my way back. In fact, I had a blog wherein I pretended I’m someone from Australia.”

Blogging under a mask? I know someone really well who does that.

“That’s cool! I also blog under a pseudonym, and…

Oh, shit. Must. Stop. Spilling. Beans. But she said, “Nice. Secret identity!” She didn’t bother asking further. Cue sigh of relief.

“Speaking of online friends, have you ever met them?”

“I’ve met them several times. The first time was at this blogging summit at UP Diliman. Aside from having my first ‘meetup’ with them, my network also expanded. I discovered new blogs to read, and new bloggers to talk to.”

And then it rolled: memories that I made with my blogging friends. Back then, almost every month there is something to look forward to: tasting food, exchanging ideas at conferences or just having laugh over multiple bottles and shots of alcohol. One time, I even cut a class in college just to meet some of them and bowl. And I never regretted that at all.

I didn’t share every moment with Jess, but everything from that era came back to me. It was fun. Really fun. And I miss that kind of fun.

“I miss them… I miss those times…”

I had my first sip of my coffee after that and continued, “Well, I still meet them. But it’s not as frequent as it was. From meeting almost every month, now it became an annual thing. Most of them don’t even blog anymore. I try to still blog, although failing at it. I miss those times…”

She said, “Wow. I didn’t know there was that kind of network… super active. Sounds really fun.”

After another sip of coffee, she continued, “I’m planning to make a blog, just a simple one at first. Then as I make progress on my coding and designing, I’ll improve my blog’s look and write progress reports on the way.”

I was impressed by her upcoming, inspired by her idea. That kind of mindset will totally help me out on my blogging.

“That sounds nice. I really should find time to write in my office. Maybe during break time. Good thing I have Evernote.”

I finished my coffee, and in a snap I opened my Evernote and Q10, and went on an outlining spree. That mix of inspiration from my reminiscing and that creamy coffee light a fire in me.

I miss the old days. But new days are coming.


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The Deranged Writer deals with interactive designs by day and fiction-infused realities by night. Or maybe all day. And he loves talking in the third person.

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