I: Start

This is an entry written around 6am, under 10 minutes.

I woke up this morning and my WordPress is already open. Now I’m starting to type away. I’m doing this on purpose. I want to blog regularly again. I need to write regularly again. And after a long time thinking about it, it’s time to turn that thought into action.

I am terrible when it comes to blogging regularly. The longest regular blogging that I have done is 3 years ago, and that was—wait for it—3 years ago. (Or maybe 2?) I come up with good ideas and outline them, but when I get to the writing phase, I would often leave the typing blink as is. I can blame writer’s block or just plain old laziness. And whenever I fall down and short on my writing schedule, I would bring down all the old posts and start all over again. Did I already mention laziness? The cycle never ends…

…until now.

As you can tell, I ramble a lot and I am not good with making good habits. That is correct. And, of course, I will still ramble. How can blog regularly if I don’t even ramble just a little bit? But not making at least one good habit? No, not this time. I love playing with words, but now is the time to be also a man of my own word. It’s time for some new habits.

This is not another attempt to blog regularly. This is the real start of the dispatching.

Mark my word.